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Choose Hypnotherapy to help you, hypnotherapy Increases your ability to rapidly achieve success by learning to change your beliefs, habits and rituals that are currently stopping you from succeeding.


Hypnosis is the quickest, most effective way to overcoming subconscious obstacles and achieving lasting change. You will take back control of your life. We are all individuals and I respect this and I know I can help you.


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Welcome my name is Aylan Seal having been a hypnotherapist for a number of years, and been in practice in Sydney for  6 years. I have trained in the UK, USA, and here in Australia, gaining more knowledge and experience to help you.


Having learnt many different techniques over the years, I am constantly updating my knowledge to better help you, as we constantly learn more about our minds and bodies through scientific research and development.


The magic that can be achieved with the help of hypnosis and the insight from the work carried out whilst in hypnosis is the therapy that most people seek and achieve. The change that comes from within is the longest lasting. 


Location Newtown:

Missenden Medical Suites – 155 Missenden Road – Consulting Room 1

I offer my services between the following hours, however my hours may vary from week to week :

Wednesday 1pm – 7pm Thursday 10am – 7 pm   Friday 8am – 2pm – Saturday 9am – 3pm  

 When calling if I don’t answer please leave a message, I do check my mobile regularly and I will get back to you.

Tel:  Mob: 0435 985 849

Skype : aylan.seal  and FaceTime Consultations By Appointment

FaceTime : +61 435 985 849 or email :

Reviews from Client linked to Facebook .

Thank you for your help in my endeavours to quit smoking. One session was indeed all it took and I am now OFF the smokes. Not only am I am off the smokes but it has been surprisingly easy! Good investment too, as the first month alone has saved me $420.00. Thanks again.’ Paul.


Public speaking and presenting are often required in my role, and I found that the anxiety I felt for weeks leading up to a presentation was starting to hold me back in my career. Aylan was recommended to me by two friends who had quit smoking, and while I was a little skeptical at first, after four sessions I was seriously impressed by the results Nicole

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

When in Hypnosis we can change thoughts, beliefs and habits from within your subconscious mind, but why would you need to change these? You will have already tried to change these things on your own using your conscious mind and you may have had some success or you may have failed miserably, but why did this happen? Habits and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind, and in order to change them, you need to change them at the source within the subconscious.

Hypnosis enables us to do this with ease, the natural state of hypnosis is much like night time dreaming, this phase of sleep is called Rapid Eye Movement or REM. REM sleep is “paradoxical” because of its similarities to wakefulness. Although the body is paralysed, the brain acts somewhat awake, this allows the mind to learn new things much easier without the resistance to change usually experienced when learning somthing new, especially if it goes against exisiting beliefs.

The Naturally occuring state of hypnosis also known as trance, you can feel as if your in a trance like state as the body is relaxed yet the mind is focused on the the therapist, physically you can experience many things from simple relaxation to rigidity of the body or parts of the body produced by catalepsy, catalepsy is also connected to REM as this physical rigidity stops you from acting out your dreams, and keeps you safe.

Most people experience time distortion within hypnosis, this phenomena is commonly experienced by drivers, when they go into highway hypnosis or trance and miss part or all of a journey.

Hypnosis is safe and very useful in helping people change thoughts, beliefs and habits quickly easily and at the source within the subconsious mind, thats why you should choose Hypnotherapy.

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Give someone the gift of lasting change.