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Transformation Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Psychotherapy, Awareness Hypnotherapy. Sydney – Newtown – North Sydney with Lifestyle Engineering for overhaul wellbeing for mind and body. Helping you achieve, to grow and develop into the happiest most-fulfilled version of yourself forever.


We are about to change, we are going global with a new website, new online programs, Group packages to help you succeed, as well as still carrying out one on one sessions, but on a more limited basis.

Subconscious Brain Training Hypnosis to change behaviours and habits. Your beliefs and emotions as well as your habits, behaviours dictate your life. You can feel a prisoner to your subconscious mind?  having the perception that you can’t control your beliefs behaviours, your emotions or your habits. We will help you make those changes, in the easiest possible way. With our help we rapidly shift those perceptions. We use the power of the one thing that as the strength to change them your own mind. Why would you not want to learn to change unhealthy thought patterns and help you.


Here we are interested in your results. Our core tool is hypnosis, we also use a range of other modalities such as NLP, EFT, Coaching, Dynamic Psychotherapy.  We are all different, and we are interested in your results and the journey to those results will be unique to you, even in a group program each individual will gain a different outcome that will be right for them.It all starts with you, Choose to do something different to get the results and life you want. Our Foundation 3 session package works to quickly retrain your mind, you deserve success, invest in yourself and you will achieve this success. We are interested in your outcome and where you want to be, not on the distractions that got you to this position, achieve success and lasting change, as there are few thing that can be helped with a one off session.


Continue your education, take the time to read our Mind Training page, on how we help you to train the parts of the mind that affect how you change. In fact the more you learn the easier you will achieve the success you seek. We offer one on one programs or group programs to help you succeed.  If you are ready to make the changes? the next step is request a free strategy session. This take around 20 – 30 minutes, we can gain a more rounding idea of your problem and your solutions.  CLICK  To do this know.  More information of the next steps on the Mind Training page.

You’ve come to the right place. We’re here for you when you’re ready to change your life. 

Rapid behavioural success starts with your free strategy session, to discuss what you want to achieve and establish if your best suited to a one on one personally structured program, or would a group program suit you more.

It’s easy to do :

1 – Simply click Free Strategy Session .

2 – Fill in the form.

3 – We will then contact you to arrange your session.

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Our Clients Achieve Success, Confirmed In John's Words.

Hello Aylan

You know I had been a heavy smoker for over 40 years, and when I thought It was time to stop! I had tried every option out there, but after being referred to you by my GP as a last resort, things changed !!

After the first session when we discussed my long term goals and reasons for wanting to quit, we established that I always wanted a particular make /model of motor vehicle, so I had a goal! the second session was the day I actual stopped smoking on 9th December 2015 I became a NON-SMOKER .  The third session was just a top up confirmation session to help me.

I still to this day remain very happily a non-smoker, without the slightest inclination to smoke again. I am fitter, and am breathing better, I feel that I have more lung capacity than before even at my age.

Aylan thank you very much for providing me the skills to achieve the results I have. PS: with the financial savings I made, I have bought my car!! John

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